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Chicago Food Tour: Deep Roots to Deep Dish

Quick Details

Adults (Ages 13+)
Child (Ages 2-12)

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  • Explore downtown and the Chicago Loop with a local guide who knows their way around the Windy City’s Street food scene.
  • Nosh on city staples at joints enjoyed by the locals, including the famous deep-dish pizza, and appreciate its locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.
  • Visit generations-owned shops and be inspired by these owners’ stories and dedication to their craft
  • Learn about immigrant-inspired cuisines popular with both the daytime workforce and late-night pub crawlers.
  • Understand the evolution of the city in relation to its food scene as well as the vital role played by the Chicago River.

Included: Local guide and a variety of food samples (such as a slice of deep-dish pizza, a sample of local street food, a sweet treat, and a bite of an additional Chicago classic). Food options and portion sizes vary – total amount of food equals a full meal.

Excluded: Additional food and drink, souvenirs, tips and gratuities for the guide.



Join a local guide on this exploration of Chicago’s amazing food scene! The Loop is buzzing with activity, day and night, and your local guide will navigate you through the downtown streets straight to the vendors and restaurants they love most.

As we pass by places like the Chicago Riverwalk and take in the city’s awe-some architecture, you’ll get to grips with the evolution of the city as immigrants brought their culinary influence on The Windy City. We’ll get to know generations-owned shops and the origins behind Chicago’s most beloved street eats, all the while appreciating fresh ingredients sourced locally from midwestern farms.

Among the tastings that will add up to a full meal, you will get a taste of a local street food staple, perhaps the famous Chicago-style hot dog or Italian Beef, or another local favorite. A food tour of Chicago is not complete without a bite of the iconic deep-dish pizza, and we will top it off with a sweet treat with a meaningful connection to Chicago. By the end, you’ll have had the full Chicago foodie experience!

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