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DMC/Receptive Services

Our nationwide network of North America cities allows us to deliver safe, unique and memorable multi-day camping and hotel tour experiences to guests of the international brands we serve. WeVenture destination management company offers an infrastructure of highly experienced and local knowledgeable travel experts who can support the tours on the road. We have a nationwide vehicle fleet and own outdoor equipment to deliver these once in a lifetime experiences. What makes joining our tours beyond memorable are our trained, certified and experienced wilderness driver/ guides. Our driver/ guides fulfill their role as a group leader with passion and professionalism. WeVenture hires senior leaders to guarantee experience and allow the experienced guides to share their personal passion and knowledge in the tours they lead, as a result; every WeVenture tour is made unique through the talent of our guides. Our network allows us to offer operations locally, gives us the advantage to have local city guides and tours available when visiting. Our tours are always closely situated to the United States National Parks using our destinations as start and end of a tour. Our tours are based on the target groups of the brands we work with and customized to match the brands and our company values.

In 2022 WeVenture will deliver weekly tours to Solo Female Travel Network, a female only tour operator; Intrepid Travel, the global leader on small group travel; Wikinger Reisen, a Germany based tour operator focused on hiking experiences; and MEDLife, a nonprofit organization that supports local communities through tours. Operating nationwide and using the cities within the network of WeVenture as local operations it allows us to be able to customize the tours to the unique needs of the different brands we work for. Please connect with us to learn if we can offer tours to your audience.


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