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Downtown Vegas Highlights & Fremont Street Experience (PRIVATE)

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Come explore Las Vegas — old-school and new — with us on this downtown walking tour along the famous Fremont Street. You’ll slip inside some of Sin City’s original casinos and hear stories of notorious mobsters, learn about the legacy they left behind, and perhaps even see the historic building where the most infamous of organized crime were brought to trial. Our local guide will show you downtown’s hottest spots that are part of its revitalization, from trendy speakeasies, refurbished neon signs, a park made out of shipping containers, and more. Of course, you can’t explore downtown Vegas without a walk under the incredible light canopy! And, if possible, we’ll grab a drink along the way. Come with us and enjoy experiences you can only have in Las Vegas!



Join our team of local guides on a tour of downtown Las Vegas, where you’ll experience Sin City from its early days as a frontier town to mid-century mob-run casinos to modern-day efforts to preserve and revitalize the historic Glitter Gulch.

We’ll start our tour outside Downtown Container Park, a square of stacked shipping containers housing a variety of small businesses (plus a jaw-dropping 3-story playground) and where you’ll start to appreciate the changing downtown scene. Your guide will point out their favorite spots to eat, drink, and shop, before heading out onto Fremont Street towards the bustling downtown area. Along the way, you’ll see numerous restored vintage signs symbolizing the city’s past — we definitely recommend revisiting these once the sun goes down to see them lit up in all their grandeur!

Next, your guide will introduce you to one of the oldest casino-hotels in Las Vegas. This staple of old Vegas is home to fascinating tales of one of the most notorious Mob members of his time: Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Not just a famous (and infamous) mobster from the early 1900’s, Bugsy and his contemporaries were central in the development of Las Vegas altogether! You may already be familiar with fictionalized versions of these real men from the film, The Godfather. Don’t worry, if you’re interested in stories about organized crime here and throughout the United States, we’ve got plenty more where that came from!

As you continue to explore the thoroughfares and back alleys of downtown, your guide will give you recommendations on the best bars and eateries to check out during the rest of your stay. But get ready – the real showstopper comes next! You’ll marvel at the largest LED video screen in the world, showing colorful displays and trance-inducing scenes both day and night. Underneath this kaleidoscopic canopy, performers of all kinds dance, sing, and entertain in ways you might not ever have imagined.

It may be hard to tear yourself away from the captivating light show, but we’ll continue to make our way along the main drag. We’ll pass by (and, if possible, pop inside) a few other significant casino-hotels. Some of these locales have been mob-connected, others famed for their food, and still others that hold a key to Las Vegas’s past. Whatever interests you about Las Vegas today and yesterday, downtown has tales for you!

As the tour comes to an end, we’ll treat you to a refreshing drink at a favorite watering hole, at a great central spot to continue enjoying the Fremont Street Experience light show. Your guide will be sure to give you plenty of recommendations to get the most out of your visit to Vegas, before bidding you farewell. Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

Inclusions: Local English-speaking guide and a surprise local treat.

Exclusions: Additional food and drinks, souvenirs and personal shopping, tips/gratuities for your guide.

* Please dress comfortably and casually for warm or hot desert weather and wear comfortable shoes for walking.
* This tour runs year round and will proceed rain or shine unless such weather constitutes a dangerous situation.
* In the event of road or attraction closures, your guide will do their best to work around the obstacles or take your tour to alternate locations.