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Experience Seattle’s rich history and breathtaking views on our walking tour! From Pioneer Square’s historic charm to the serene waterfront, learn about the city’s pioneer days, indigenous heritage, and transformation into a world-class destination, topped off with a visit to Smith Tower’s iconic observation deck for panoramic vistas and a taste of history!

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From $64 per Person

Embark on a captivating tour through Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, guided by local experts who pair the finest coffees with delectable bakery delights! Discover the rich flavors and unique creations of the Pacific Northwest’s coffee culture, while indulging in artisanal pastries that celebrate Capitol Hill’s vibrant culinary scene. Join us for a flavorful adventure filled with coffee, pastries, and fascinating insights into the history and culture of this dynamic neighborhood!

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About Us

Seattle is a city of beauty and wonder, with close ties to its natural surroundings, a unique history apart from other American cities, and a world-class food and drink scene. Each area has its own mix of cultural identities, from Nordic influence in the north to the diverse foods brought by waves of immigration to Pike Place Market. A place rich with music of all kinds, excellent coffee, and world-renown art means there’s something for everyone visiting the Emerald City.

With a WeVenture local, you’re not getting a typical tour of the city: you’re getting someone passionate about sharing their love for Seattle and experiencing it in the most unique way possible.

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