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Custom Seattle Cocktail Tour

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We’ll start near Pioneer Square, where you’ll hear about the city’s founding and historic preservation, its indigenous past, and the once-flourishing grunge scene that started right here in downtown Seattle.

We may get to visit one of the oldest restaurants in Seattle, a modern-day speakeasy, or just venues with great cocktails with fascinating backgrounds. We’ll enjoy time-honored libations, Prohibition-inspired creations, and tipples with a twist on the classics.

While you’re sipping on excellently crafted cocktails, your guide will entertain with stories of Seattle’s gritty past, from unlikely beloved city criminals to the resurgence of cocktail culture in the 90s. And whether you’re new to the cocktail scene or an aficionado, you’ll impress at your next party or outing thanks to your guide’s knowledge of the ingredients that go into making your mixed drink so delectable.