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Private Stories from the Freedom Trail

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  • Walk along Boston’s iconic Freedom Trail and hear stories of the Founding Fathers and their impact on American history.
  • Learn about the people behind famous events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party and the part they played in igniting the American Revolution.
  • Hear about the perspective of both famous and average Bostonians as you walk past the homes, churches, state houses, and burying grounds along the Freedom Trail.
  • Imagine what life was like as a British Soldier living in a tent as you walk through picturesque Boston Common.  
  • Experience life as a modern local with a tasty treat and a stroll through Boston Public Garden – which has been enjoyed by locals for almost 200 years.

Included: Local guide

Not Included: Additional food and drink, souvenirs, tips and gratuities for the guide.

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There’s so much more to Boston’s Freedom Trail than just the famous locations highlighted in every brochure and guidebook. Join a local guide to hear the tales, and learn about the people that made Boston one of the most important cities in American history!

From the perspective of the Bostonians behind the infamous Boston Tea Party to the story of James Otis and his immortal line “No taxation without representation” at Faneuil Hall, you’ll be amazed at what your school history books didn’t tell you. Hear about how an unknown artist influenced the story of the Boston Massacre, and discover which of our Founding Fathers attended the very first public school in the country.

Your guide will fill you in on accounts of daily life for Revolution-era Bostonians, and what conditions were like for the British soldiers camping on Boston Common. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a surprise local treat, so you’ll have plenty of energy to enjoy your time with us as we take you on a journey through the stories of the Freedom Trail!

Join Our Public Tour!

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Uncover the untold stories and hidden gems of Boston’s Freedom Trail with a local guide, delving into the lives of the city’s pivotal figures and pivotal moments in American history. From the secrets behind the Boston Tea Party to the daily lives of Revolution-era Bostonians, embark on a captivating journey filled with surprises and fascinating tales that will enrich your understanding of this historic city!